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What's unique about us

We're the world's largest marketplace and crowdfunding for the fashion & entertainment industries. We leverage social media, community, and strategic partners to create buzzes and raise funds for you. People can rate, donate/purchase, and give feedbacks whenever and whereever they feel like. We are based in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Now everyone can vouch for who should be the next star instead of depending on the decision of a few elites. And now people can sample designers' clothing under $300 before they reach the market.

We focus on reward based fundraising as well as a real goods marketplace for the fashion & entertainment industries.

Benefits: 1. Dedicated fundraising and marketplace for fashion & stardom. 2. For both finished and unfinished products, 3. Social Integrations

How it works


Market place

Add Product

This is a marketplace where you can let people sample 1 or 2 of your designs at a wholesale rate

Shop product

This is a marketplace where you can buy designers' samplings at a fraction of the market price



Add Project

This is a place where you can self-promote and raise funds

Support Project

This is a place where you can support your favorite people/projects


Market place

This is a place where people express and discuss projects/products

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"Thank you Gazillionfund for making my dream come true by creating buzzes for me!"

Ana DeLima
Karina LaMar

"Finally there's a site for models to raise funds while we're en route to stardom."

"Thank you Gazillionfund for this platform so I can raise funds to achieve my goals!!!"

Mariya Milovidova
Karina LaMar

"Finally a way for photographers to monetize our projects!!!"

"It's so good that I can support my favorite models and sample designers' clothing at below market price."

Jessica Jane Robinson