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What's unique about us

We're the world's largest marketplace and crowdfunding for the fashion & entertainment industries. We leverage social media, community, and strategic partners to create buzzes and raise funds for you. People can rate, donate/purchase, and give feedbacks whenever and whereever they feel like. We are based in the heart of Silicon Valley.


Rule #1: NO nudity, NO profanity, NO pornography, NO violence, NO hate language and NO racist content is allowed. You will be banned from this site forever should this occur.

Rule #2: You CANNOT use "Copyrighted Material" unless you have documentation to prove that you have legal authorization from the record label, artist, musicians, etc.

How it works

There are three main parts to our service


Market place

Add Product

This is a market place where you can upload your creative products to sell to the customers

Shop product

This is a market place where you can purchase creative products



Add Project

This is place where you can upload and raise fund for your creative project

Support Project

This is a place where you support the creative projects


Market place

This is a place where people express and discuss projects/products

What's the benefit

Before you even have products to sell, you can start creating buzz and raise some funds to create your product.

You can sell your finished product once it is created.


These are our partners with whom we are working

Meet The Team

Ann Shin

Ann Shin


Matthew Eisner

Matthew Eisner

Head of Marketing

Ramraj Mulasa

Ramraj Mulasa

Head of Technology

Evgeny Ogloblin

Evgeny Ogloblin

Lead Developer